Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Advice for Young Families

I am a fee-only financial planner and registered investment advisor in Maryland who helps young families simplify their finances, build wealth and make good financial decisions that will help build generational wealth.

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Financial planning may be for you if this describes you

Like other parents with young children, do you wonder about

College Savings

Are we saving enough for college? Are we investing in the right investment vehicles?

Retirement Planning

Are we investing correctly? Are there better ways to save for retirement? Am we on track to retire?

Pursuing Dreams

Do we have enough money to travel, buy a second home, or follow our passions?

Estate Planning

How do we protect our loved ones if something unexpected happens? How do we minimize lifetime taxes and pass our hard-earned money to our loved ones?

Fee-Only Financial Planning Services for Young Families

Here are some components of financial planning we will cover together.

Investment Analysis

Develop an asset allocation strategy to meet your financial goals and risk tolerance, and provide information on investment vehicles and strategies.

Employee Benefits

Review and analyze whether you are taking the maximum advantage of your employee benefits such as HSA plans, 401(k) contributions, insurance, etc.

Risk Management

Analyze your exposure to major risks
that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death,
disability, and property and casualty losses.

Tax Planning

Minimize current and future income taxes as
a part of your overall financial planning picture.

Retirement Planning

Project the
likelihood of retiring at your desired age and recommend changes to allow you to retire when you want.

College Planning

Project the amount needed to achieve college or other
post-secondary education funding goals, and advice on how to save the desired

Do I need financial planning?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, a financial plan may help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s talk and find out. Schedule a quick 15-minute call to determine whether your will benefit from financial planning. The call is free with no strings attached.

  1. How much should we save every month to make sure we can fund our children’s education?
  2. How can we prepare for unexpected expenses or emergencies?
  3. Are we on track for retirement?
  4. How much should we contribute to our 401(k) plans?
  5. How do we choose the right investment accounts for our goals?
  6. Is our asset allocation optimal for our financial goals given our time horizon, liquidity needs and risk tolerance?
  7. Should we pay off our mortgage early or prioritize investing?
  8. What types of insurance do we need to protect our family?
  9. What’s the best approach to saving for a down payment on a house or an investment property?
  10. Should we consider creating a will or trust?
  11. How can we maximize our tax deductions and credits as a young family?
  12. What steps can we take to minimize financial stress and improve our financial well-being as a family?
  13. What are the benefits of starting a college savings plan early?
  14. We would like to start a business. What factors should we consider before taking the plunge?
  15. Can we save on home, auto and umbrella insurance by shopping around for lower rates?